The Best Home Gym Machine

Maybe you have more space, enough for a bigger machine with many stations. It is great if trying to isolate specific muscles, or if rehabbing an injury. A high quality machine is also a safe way to work muscles. A machine has its place, but you have to know how to chose the best home gym machine.

Free Weights vs Machines

My first article about workout equipment was ”Dumbbell Workouts At Home” with a good reason. I prefer free weights (dumbbells and barbel), because they work lots of assistant muscles, beside the bigger ones. For example, squatting with a pair of dumbbells or a barbell, brings more than just your quads into the action (inner and outer thigh, butts, hamstrings, core, arms). That’s why my recommendation for equipment buying order is (if you want not to use only body weight or resistance bands):
  1. adjustable dumbbells
  2. adjustable bench
  3. barbell (common, Olympic or power lifting)
  4. power rack
  5. machine (multi-station)

My Total Gym 1000

My own home gym is about 10 feet x 10 feet. It is not enough for any bigger machines with bench press, lat pull-down, rowing, thigh extension, thigh curl, leg press stations. Instead, it, I have an old Total Gym version. I do my chin-ups and thigh extensions with this Total Gym 1000. You’ll find the newest versions here (such as the XLS in the picture below). These are excellent alternatives, if you are an average man without huge amounts of power and want to do light assistant exercises, too.

JX Multi-Utillity 205 Lbs Home Gym

If you want to use your machine for building muscle power and mass, a high quality one with a big weight load is needed. It has to consist of several stations (at least bench press, lat pull-down and leg press/squat). When you click the picture below, you’ll enter Gym And Fitness and find the machine there.


Alternatives for JX Multi-Utility

There are other machines in Gym And Fitness. Check out this Amazon product, too.


Now I have written about all the most important equipment. Use this information in building your own home gym with adjustable dumbbells, adjustable bench, barbell, power rack and multi-station machine.

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