How To Set Realistic Physical Goals

The most important goal for a fitness project should be a healthy body, which has enough capacity to cope both physical and mental pressures of life.

If we look at bodybuilders and strongman competitors at TV or magazines, we might think, that those kinds of bodies are impossible for us. We do not need to be like them. Let us be our self and set our own goals, which are possible to reach.

 Weight, Fat Percentage and Measures

We have here in Finland a metric system. An excellent weight goal for an average lean male is height in centimeters – 100. In other words, if man’s height is 180 centimeters, the suitable weight is 80 kilos. In inches and pounds this means 71 inches and 176 pounds.

The fat percentage of an average man should be between 10-15 for an optimal hormone function. The above numbers 180/80 and 71/176 are then possible. If you are yearning for the six-pack, your fat % has to be a lot below 10.

Great formulas for a male weight trainer are:
  • neck = upper arm = calf
  • 1.5 x calf = thigh
  • 2.0 x calf = waist
  • 20.0 x thigh = chest
Realistic goals for a man with 180/80/10 or 71/176/10 without doping could be for example:
  • neck, upper arm and calf 40 cm (16 inches)
  • thigh 60 cm (24 inches)
  • waist 80 cm (32 inches)
  • chest 120 cm (48 inches)


We do not need to squat 400 (880), bench press 300 (660) or dead lift 350 kilos (770 pounds). Those are numbers of very big guys, usually with a lot medication.

It is enough, when managing to squat 1.5, bench press 1.0 and dead lift 2.0 x own weight. It means that our Average Joe is a fit fellow, when he lifts 120/80/160 kilos (265/176/352 pounds). He does this with a light body weight and without doping.


There are lots of men, who have big difficulties to build power and muscle. They do not have enough those fast muscle fibers, but slow ones, instead. Their bodies are more suitable for cardio training. However, they need some kind of resistance training, too.

A great goal for this kind of guy might be a brisk one-hour jogging or two hours biking without a superfluous exhaustion, or for example a short triathlon competition.

Flexibility and Speed

It is a good idea to include some stretching to every workout, before and after. We do not need to have an ability to split, but have a such kind of flexibility, which allows safety movements.

Studies have shown, that it is possible to increase speed only a couple a dozen of percentages from starting level. So, the really fast men have good genetics. In spite of this, we can add dashes to our own hiking, jogging, biking, swimming, etc. It is wise to do fast repetitions with weights now and then, too.


Let us aim for healthier bodies and better outlooks, become the best our self.

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