How To Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally – Nutrition, Workouts and Lifestyle

Too much alcohol, slight physical activity, bad nutrition, poor sleeping habits and generous smoking drive men into wrong track. Anything does not eventually function properly, not in the head, body or genital area. A real man is a passing natural resource.

Keep out from all synthetic substances, such as anabolic steroids, testosterone and growth hormones. All these have many side effects, which appear fast or after a longer time, maybe years and decades.

Fortunately, it is possible to change hormone levels safety with a proper nutrition, right workout regimen and lifestyle. Here are some of those ways:


1. Keep your fat percentage between 10-15

Usually this means that your waist is 45-50 % from your height (for example 77-86/172 cm or 31-34/68 inches).

2. Eat enough every day

Do not eliminate too many calories even if trying to lose fat. Do not then go under, let us say, 1700 calories a day.

When building muscle power and mass, a suitable amount calories is about 40/kg or 18/lb. For example, if your lean body mass (without fat) is 65 kg or 143 lbs, take 2600 calories a day.

3. One third of energy from fats

Low-fat diets lower testosterone levels so much, that man’s libido and muscle growth go notably down. Try to get one third of fat calories from saturated, second from mono saturated and third from poly saturated fats.

The best fat sources are salmon, nuts, red meat and olive oil.

4. Get enough carbohydrates

When staying a week or two on low carbs, the testosterone level goes down with 20 %. Avoid this and eat carbohydrates every day at least one gram per every body pound (2.2 grams per kilo). This means for me (72 kg/160 lbs) at least 160 grams.

If trying to increase muscle mass and power, the carbohydrates amount might be a double (320 grams). Good sources are oatmeal, full corn rice, potatoes, fruits, vegetables and rice cakes.

5. Multivitamin- mineral product

I recommend, that you take daily some high quality product, which include the most important vitamins and minerals. Some of those have an influence on testosterone levels.

6. Avoid soy products

Soy products contain very weak plant estrogen (female hormone) called phytoestrogens. It might reduce man’s testosterone levels.

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7. Keep your workout short and intensive

I recommend three weight workouts (Mo, We and Fri) with basic compound movements and three cardio (Tu, Th and Sa). Keep duration of these all between 30-60 minutes.


8. Recovery and sleep

The most muscle recovery and growth happen at nights. Because natural growth hormone is secreted during the deep sleep, it is important for a weight trainer to sleep without any distractions. Staying awake blocks fat loss, too.

9. Keep out from useless stress

When you are stressed, the cortisol levels are raised, which causes catabolism. Build your body, do not destroy it.

10. Keep alcohol drinking at minimum

All the alcohol drinks add fat on your waist, but increase cortisol levels, too. Do not disturb your recovery and muscle growth with alcohol.


There are lots of ”Testosterone Boosters” available in stores. Do not waste your money on them, because these supplements are usually pure scams. Instead, invest in proper nutrition, right kind of workouts, balanced mind, sleep and recovery.

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